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Photo taken at: Austin, Texas

Photo Caption: Have you seen @cowspiracy yet? A pretty compelling argument for environmentalists to change this one behavior…check it out on Netflix streaming. Executive Produced by Leonardo Dicaprio.
Kelly just so happened to cook the most delicious black bean burgers before we watched the film. This lady knows a thing or two about cooking healthy, mouth-watering food. Lucky me!

We are on a journey to get in the best shape of our lives. Kelly is training for a Triathlon, while I have my sights set on trying out for @americanninjawarrior .
We have the positive example of mentors like @richroll who rock out the vegan diet and perform at the highest levels of athletic conditioning. It can be done.
Imagine us in costumes, wigs, whatever else–doing awesome sporty things at a finish line near you :-). Excited to share some behind-the-scenes moments from the book trailer shot this Summer. Backflips, and alley hoops, and drones, oh my!! #vegan #triathlon #ninjatraining #wigs #artist #inspiration #motivation #fitness #burgers #healthy #environmentalist #nature #diet #leonardodicaprio

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