Moments of Magic

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Photo taken at: Tobin Center for the Performing Arts

Photo Caption: Every once in a while we have to let out our shadow selves. Darkness reveals light.

Stilt walking for the grand opening of San Antonio Fashion Week #fwsa15
One of those nights where everyone was so gracious to have us perform and play with them.
How on earth did we figure out how to get well paid to do things we truly love!? That’s the path to pursue as an artist. For us : Dressing up, dancing like crazy, and sharing circus arts. At least on this particular night. The dazzling @yeskelly and @katieheyy by my side. Kelly made all the costumes, what a crafty lady!

So much fun!!! Was the perfect way to cap off a day filled with beautiful things.
Honestly, nearly had my first ever fall after I did a big kick and my peg’s rubber tip flew 30 feet away. Some partygoers happily helped me get it back on, so we could keep dancing together. I love people from San Antonio. They are so genuine and loving. So glad I grew up there.

Thanks @tonyrharris for throwing such a sensational event, we will never forget it!

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