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Photo taken at: Austin, Texas

Photo Caption: Remember that race I was telling you about!? I surprised myself and actually placed 3rd in my age division!!! Not so shabby for wearing big clunky basketball shoes and having danced my butt off at a Halloween party the night before.
The coolest thing about this journey has been working toward our fitness goals together as a couple. Kelly is making great strides, and we get to feed off each other’s energy and get inspired!
Kelly was a little nervous about rolling out of bed super early for a race, as she’s not too keen on competition. But it couldn’t have felt any better than what we experienced at the “Run for the Water” by the Gazelle Foundation. Each run participant funds one Burundi citizen the chance for clean water for life. What a worthwhile cause! Once you get out and do something meaningful, all the butterflies in your stomach subside. It’s the spirit of service & cooperation.
I think I’m getting hooked on the concept of charity runs, and have some ideas up my sleeve to make them more fun… As Gilbert Tuhabonye the race founder said, “RUN WITH JOY.” #gazelle foundation @run4thewater #fitness #running #burundi #ididitforsomeoneinburundi #atx #funrun #greenheart #ghtv #greenhearttv #lensoflove #5k #marathon #triathlete #training

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