M.I.A.’s Drummer is freaking brilliant! | Class of Creativity Podcast #5 with Kiran Gandhi

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M.I.A.'s Drummer


By a beautiful synchronicity, I ran into M.I.A.’s drummer, Kiran Gandhi, at SXSW 2015.  She turned out to be a super fascinating soul, and agreed to meet up and have a creative conversation for the podcast with me. Listen to this one very carefully, as she represents a unique blend of wicked smart (she’s attending Harvard Business School MBA Program!) and wildly creative (watch a video of her drumming and get hypnotized).  

You’ll LEARN:

  • How to balance creative life and business school
  • Tapping into The Power of Peak experience
  • What is a Circadian rhythm and adapting to your life’s pace
  • The Unique Philosophy of “Atomic Living”
  • The importance of recognizing values and using intuition
  • The synchronous moment we met
  • Being present and its benefits
  • Having focus on what you want and learning to say ‘no’
  • Why humans need interaction
  • The exquisite side of mathematics
  • Do indie artists need to have a team to do it all?
  • How to Make your Heroes your friends
  • Synchronicity, What is synchronicity for you?

Kiran Gandhi grew up in New York City playing drums and attending The Chapin School. She graduated from Georgetown University in 2011 with a double major in mathematics and political science and a minor in women’s studies. Upon graduation, she landed a job in Los Angeles as Interscope Records’s first-ever digital analyst. Combining her passion for mathematics and music, her job was to understand music consumption patterns on Spotify and YouTube, predict sales trends based on these new volume metrics and create an internal system for how the label could understand the success of an artist online.

In 2013, Kiran linked up with artist M.I.A. and began touring internationally with her as her drummer all across North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. That same year, Kiran was also accepted to Harvard Business School’s M.B.A. program.  So when she began school in the fall in Boston, she was still touring simultaneously with M.I.A.  Kiran’s TEDx talk on “Atomic Living” embodies her belief that by knowing and protecting the things that matter to you most, life’s toughest choices become easier to navigate.

Now in her second and final year at H.B.S., Kiran’s goal upon graduation is to return to the music industry as both a business leader and a musician. Her goal is to combine her intellectual and musical talents in order to re-imagine a music industry that is healthier for women and girls around the world.
Learn more: www.kirangandhi.com

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