What happens if you turn Grandma’s car into an art car?

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The Joy Ride is the manifestation of a long time dream come true.

I wanted to make an art car for as long as I can remember.  In high school, I was the third cousin in line for my grandfather’s hand-me-down Oldsmobile.  When finally I was granted the oldie, I begged my parents to let me paint it.  They denied my requests claiming it would ruin the resale value.  Alas, I left for college and they sold my grandfather’s car for all of $500.  I vowed to one day create an art car…

We bought my grandmother’s car the same weekend our RV broke down during a cross-country work tour.  It was quite miraculous because we had to travel from Chicago to Los Angeles in 3 days time and just swooped through Austin to swap vehicles. 

Finally my canvas had arrived; now I just had to turn vision into form.    A year went by with no action.  One day I was having brunch with my friend, Amelia, and I expressed in a disheartened manner,  “I’m never going to get around to painting my art car.  I have too much on my plate and I’ve postponed it for years.”  She immediately exclaimed, “Let’s do it tomorrow!  You get the paint tonight, and I’m all yours this week to help.”

This was the golden ticket!  I had a creative champion to support my vision and make it a reality by offering her time and art skills that far surpassed my own.  It all became possible because I now had support and no excuses!

We painted the car in honor of my Grandmother Joy’s peaceful, happy nature.   I thought the roads were in need of that wonderful essence and maybe it could be transmuted through an art car inspired by her.  I had no idea how much joy it would spread to roads all across America!  Kids smile and point; police officers wave; passerby’s take photos in the parking lot; even homeless people give us thumbs up at stop lights.

The Joy Ride art car was my first great artistic accomplishment.  For the first time I considered myself an artist because I had followed through on a grand vision.  It was that mega creative project that I just HAD TO DO but didn’t know how to start.  The Joyride will forever be a work in progress, but now I’m on a roll!

What project DO YOU want to do that you’ve always been dreaming up?

Get started on that creative project!  Find those creative champions to get the encouragement and support to follow through.   As shocked as I was by society’s response to the Joyride, so might you be by how people appreciate what you have to share.

Let us know what project you’ve been dreaming up in the comments below!
Joy Ride Art Car

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  • Oh Kelly! You know this brought me great joy. 😀 Now I want a ride in the Joy Ride. Your GranJoy’s reaction was priceless. Much love to you as you travel spreading the joy.

    My big project? A 30 day email campaign that brings joyful affirmations to your email every day. 😀 I’m working on it! Then I will turn it into a year long joy campaign.

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