Forming your Creative Tribe | Class of Creativity Podcast #4 with Chris Ohlson

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“This is the weirdest f*cking interview I’ve ever done…why am I not surprised?” -Chris Ohlson

This week I unmask the man behind Austin indie movie success, filmmaker Chris Ohlson! 

You’ll LEARN:

  • Why he chooses Austin over LA or NYC to produce movies
  • How Austin chooses YOU
  • As a filmmaker it’s essential to be surrounded by people you love and trust
  • The reason why he turns down a lot of projects
  • The value of constant learning
  • The building blocks that make the possibilities limitless
  • Insight on how Moviemaking is an incredibly evolved art form
  • What the Goldfish bowl is, and how it makes great movies happen
  • Why it’s crucial to know collaborators’ motives on a project
  • How to navigate chaos on a film set
  • His gameplan going into a big shoot day, and when preparation should begin
  • The value of continually testing yourself
  • Organization vs. Experimentation
  • How to find your WOLF PACK
  • Why you have to fail repeatedly
  • The world will forget about your failure very quickly
  • The Bison vs. The Squirrel, The Parable of Providing for your Creative Tribe
  • Why the corporate shoots keep you sharp as a filmmaker
  • The best advice for aspiring writer-directors

Chris Ohlson just won the 2015 Independent Spirit Piaget Producers Award. He recently produced the Sundance hit, Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter, which is playing in theaters across the country. Kumiko is based on an urban legend of a Japanese woman that treks to Minnesota seeking the fictional satchel from the Coen Brother’s movie Fargo.

Go here to learn more about Chris Ohlson:

Go here to learn more about Kumiko the movie:

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