Shut Down & Restart: Why we need to hit the reset button

By May 27, 2015 Creative, film 4 Comments

Last month we went to Eeyore’s Birthday Party, a festive Austin tradition.  I filmed with my new camera—the Sony FS7, which shoots beautiful 4k slow motion.  Kelly and friends dressed up and happened to win the costume contest!  This short experimental video was supposed to just be a simple camera test, but thematically, it turned into something more meaningful. 

It’s been almost 6 years since I wandered into the woods of Zilker Park and discovered the interactive circus.  It was there that I met my wife Kelly for the first time.  In that season of my life, I needed the healing power of play more than anything.  I was ready to hit the reset button.  There’s something about festival that invites these kinds of connections.  We thrive on peak experience. 

I believe that finding space for rejuvenation outside the online noise and urban hustle is essential.  When we hit the reset button, we have the potential to be more productive, to find our focus. 

In just a few days, we’ll be hitting the road to go on tour with the Wanderlust Festival again, an event that blends the best of mindful living and ecstatic experience.  Yoga classes, talks, and exquisite hikes during the day, and soul-shaking music at night.  It gives us a chance to take a breath and reevaluate our intentions.  And it’s lovely backdrop and participants become the canvas for our series of short form documentaries. 

What kinds of rituals bring you closer to that sense of “shut down & restart”?    Do you do them often enough?  What are small ways you can bring them into your life each month? 

We’ve made a practice of integrating these things into what we do for a living, and never looked back.  Although sometimes we face major challenges, creating a built-in infrastructure of wellness into our “company culture” has made all the difference.  Our objectives look different than most organizations, and we like it that way.  From hiking down to the Greenbelt in the middle of a work day, to leveraging video services in exchange for free yoga classes—we’ve designed our work/life balance intentionally.  I’ve seen too many people burn out in our industry, heck, I used to be one of them.  I discovered that it wasn’t the actual labor (though exhausting) that drained me, but the nature of the content. 

Each month, we strive for more clarity on the kind of media that is most needed and fulfilling to produce.  Along the way, we seek to express ourselves, help others, and create community along the journey.  Thanks so much to all of our subscribers who offer us such kind words of support and join us on our video ventures.  We’ll be traveling all over the US this Summer, so if you’d like to connect and create we may be seeing each other real soon! 

If you’re not already a subscriber, please join the fun! 

(Listen to more music by our dear friend GLU!  He created “Shut Down & Restart” as part of his album Glubotic, recorded in a single month.)


  • Dean Turner says:

    You guys have an amazing outlook on life! I wish more companies thought the way yours does. I’d do anything to work for you. I’ll be finishing my bachelors in marketing in February, I’m also a singer/songwriter/producer and getting into videography, if you have an opening then, expect my application on your desk.

  • sandy says:

    hi Jefe and Kelly! your work is evolving and getting ever more gorgeous!!

    the only date I can see to get to is Squaw Valley 7/16-19. Will you two be at this one? Let me know, it’d be awesome to catch up! (assuming I won’t see you at Mastin’s in LA this saturday…) sandy

    ps: note the new website. finally getting to the “action!” portion of my life-work! hugs and love to you!!

    • Kelly says:

      Hi Sandy! Yes Yes yes we’ll be in Squaw! Sadly we won’t be at Mastin’s this week, we’re flying off to West Virginia. Yes let’s catch up at Squaw! Take Care <3

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