Class of Creativity Podcast #1: Joshua Jake Vaughan

By February 25, 2015 Creative One Comment

“We are isolated in the mental universe of our minds and bodies.  I’ve discovered that the way we get through that isolation is by loving each other.  Quite frankly, just by giving.  This is the message!  Everything I’m about is a movement of love and kindness.” –Joshua Jake Vaughan

We are so thrilled to launch our weekly podcast: the Class of Creativity!  Each week we talk with inspiring creatives as they share their stories of discovery & transformation.  Listen to this creative conversation with Joshua Jake Vaughan, a guy with a huge heart for service and a compelling personal message.

Joshua is the Executive Director of Generous Generation, a social giving club of young people coming together to change the face of philanthropy in Austin, TX.  After traveling Southeast Asia, he co-founded Goodwill Globetrotting, a global network of charitable organizations that work in the voluntourism sector, primarily connecting backpackers with opportunities to serve internationally.  This led him to create solutions in his own community, addressing the need many small groups have of gaining access to resources.  He jumped into uncharted territory, learning how to lead the development of a social enterprise mobile web app, Connect 2 Good.  It’s really impressive to learn how persistent he was to complete and release it after a few failed attempts to get it right.

Take the time to hear his struggles, successes, and big epiphanies in pursuit of projects with heart and meaning.  Joshua may just change your life–I am completely blown away and inspired by his wisdom and devotion.

Learn more about how you can get involved and join his community by visiting his website: Generous Generation.

Anyone can join at anytime for just a dollar a day by going to the website and clicking the “Become a Member” button in the top right corner.

If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, check in with our podcast next week as I interview former Google guy turned Gypsy, Jon Ray.  Learn how he decided to move into and renovate an airstream trailer out in the country to make space and focus on his next writing project.  He’s a life coach with a contagious laugh, and shares some incredible insights about the creative process, don’t miss it!  If you’re new here, please subscribe for weekly doses of inspiration!  Scroll down to the bottom and click the orange button “YES PLEASE!”

Special thanks for the intro track “Jubilee” by Big Wild.

One Comment

  • Jon Ray says:

    “Maybe the reason we always here that God created us is because that’s how deep down we see ourselves, as creators.” Love it!

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