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Website Fail – Eeeeeek!

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We recently changed web hosts for our website and something went awry in the process.  All our content, videos, and blogs  from 2016 have been mysteriously erased from our website!  We promise we’re still here and have been working away at some amazing projects.

We’re slowly re-uploading content to the site, but in the meantime you can follow our daily adventures on facebook!

Mister Greenheart  or Greenheart TV

Motivational Mondays : Embracing the Naysayer

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This year I’ve dealt with some big challenges. But that energy can either crush you or propel you forward. It all depends on your relationship with this one archetype that seems to cripple so many of us: “The Naysayer”. I’m learning that they are often well-intentioned individuals that don’t want to see you get hurt or struggle. They speak from experience, but they also limit us from breaking through our boundaries.

I’ve noticed myself slipping into this critical voice from time to time, and I hate how it seeks to stifle experimentation, progress, and risk-taking.
I want to be a voice of support and inspiration. I want to lift up my friends and point to the possibilities. And I want to find the strength within to focus and expand upon what helps my best self emerge. I think we all desire that on some level.

Why does the naysayer have so much power over us? I still have the words of some of mine stuck in my head from years ago. Jefe share’s some stories in this video…

Have a motivated Monday!

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