Boot House

Ever get that feeling…

“Let’s sell our home and live in a boot!”

This artist actually did.

A few years back Kelly an I lived in an RV full-time. While it was a great adventure, I learned that as artists we need much more space for our creations to bloom.

And that’s not just physical square feet, you need mental space, to boot. Haha!

I’ve always been allured to tiny houses, and I definitely won’t rule out a treehouse in our future.

Being back in our home in Austin has been so nice. But somehow my to-do list tripled. Guess that comes with being a domestic gentlemen.

That being said I’m almost on the road again. Going on an epic hike with my spirit brothers in Colorado and filming a travel documentary from LA to Austin.

After a few more shenanigans, I’m looking forward to a season of grounding down. Getting clear. Making big plans, then executing them.

Sometimes it’s hard to make space for what you want to do next. But you can at least take one small step each day. And if you’re living inside a giant boot, you might be taking way bigger steps than you ever imagined…

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