Airstream Writing Studio | Class of Creativity Podcast #2


Google Guy turned Gypsy, Jon Ray has created a writing studio in an Airstream trailer out in the country to remove distractions.  I drove out to talk with him about topics ranging from stream-of-consciousness writing to metaphysics.  Get ready to be inspired…

Here’s what you’ll learn in this Class of Creativity episode:

  • The Hidden Gem of Authors, how this one secret is being used by writers but not being talked about. The holy grail of writing productivity and flow.
  • The Secret to Parking an Airstream for free across the country
  • How having no internet connection increases productivity
  • How to turn your creative life into a walking meditation
  • Why getting silly helps set the tone for creative openness
  • Is setting an intention more important than the actual action?
  • The importance of tapping into the wisdom of our ancestors
  • Do Science Fiction authors inspire the creation of future inventions/discoveries? Or are they just intuitively seeing into the future?
  • Why writing is so hard if you’re not relaxing. And how you can do this one surprisingly simple thing before writing that will dramatically improve your output.
  • The Liberating Rules of Stream-of-consciousness writing
  • Knowing when you have something worth saying in your writing, the excitement test
  • How finding a way to serve & help others is the key to creative motivation
  • The value of niche specialization & passion
  • Why the sounds of nature facilitate creativity vs the static of the city
  • The lesson of efficiency with utilizing space in the tiny house movement
  • What we can learn from old school video games like Super Mario –The parable of the fireman and being of service to “the village” by taking a breath outside the fire, then rushing back in to save others.

Jon Ray is an executive and personal coach, teaching small to medium-sized companies and eager individuals how to trust their intuition, listen to their body, and find their creative flow.  Formerly of Google, he was instrumental in leading Google’s first ever field marketing team of national brand ambassadors.  He now writes content influenced by his own personal and spiritual growth and empowers people to live their passion by following their excitement in every moment.  To learn more about his writing, visit

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