How do you connect with your source of inspiration?

For years, I worked in television and too often the programs lacked heart or meaning.  If you’re like me, you appreciate positive programming that helps you feel more motivated and excited about life.  That’s exactly why I created this site.

I’ve learned through mindful practice that perception changes everything.  The way you see the world depends on how you tend your inner garden.  Consider Circus Picnic Studios as your fertile soil to grow new ideas and cultivate a flourishing creative routine.  We want to be your source of sustainable inspiration.

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Jefe Greenheart

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Our Story


Over the past five years, my wife and I have created a life where we get to work together pursuing our passions and collaborating with brands/artists we believe in.  We work hard, but have lots of FUN.

We have filmed for entertainment tonight and discovery channel, performed for Jimmy Kimmel Live, featured as a creative duo in Origin Magazine and worked with our heroes like Jim Carrey.

But things weren’t always so bright and beautiful.  The Summer we met, my life was crumbling around me.  I went through a trying breakup, and felt stuck working in Primetime television at a job that had me tethered to my cellphone 24/7, often times shooting shows that were degrading to my soul.  While others in the industry saw my experience as a priceless position to find myself in my mid-20s, I knew I was meant for something more meaningful.

Enter Kelly, the woman of my dreams.  I literally followed the music into the woods.  We met at the interactive circus gathering she founded with friends in Zilker Park (Austin, TX).

“Oh, you’re a filmmaker?  You should make documentaries for non-profits with me in South America.”  And then she jumped on a bus to Burning Man.  I was intrigued, and inspired.

At that moment, I was ready for a new adventure.  With the support of my closest friends, I decided to take a sabbatical from work, and fulfilled a life-long dream:

I ran away with the circus.

Suddenly that Summer turned from a story of suffering, into my story of success: Kelly and I fell in love at Burning Man, a modern-day mecca of creativity.

Then she gave me an ultimatum:

“I’m leaving for South America in two weeks, I don’t know when I’ll be back.  Now’s your chance.  Come with me, or not.”

In two weeks, I quit my job, sold my house, car, and most of my possessions so I could join her in love and service across South America for 7 months.  My life would never be the same.

Fast-forward five years, we are still “playing for a living”, and making a good living in the process.  Along the way, I trained to become recognized as one of the “top 1% of Hypnotists in the World” –National Guild of Hypnotists, Banyan School of Hypnosis.  Having experienced first-hand how hypnosis can help launch a life of creative freedom, clarity, and healing; I knew I had to share hypnotherapy as a practicing professional.

I began to draw parallels of how the subconscious responds to the influence of media much like hypnotic language.  I decided it was time to help illuminate the positive, and integrate my passions in a way that could change lives for the better.

Circus Picnic Studios is the expression of that vision: To make media that truly moves people.  A desire to inspire you to have the confidence to act on your creative calling, and stay motivated.  We believe that the life you live is your greatest work of art.  And the more we can get in touch with our role as creators, the more fully we can embrace our expression, call to adventure, and need for connection.

Our nature is creation; and us here at Circus Picnic Studios will be sure to offer you a healthy pulse of purposeful content each week.

As we develop, we hope to provide a channel for change-makers like yourself to produce meaningful media along with us.  If you’re interested in contributing please contact us.

Kelly Greenheart

Kelly Greenheart


Jefe Greenheart

Jefe Greenheart


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