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Hilarious laughing mob overtakes Whole Foods!

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On April Fools,  Greenheart.TV and LoveATX brought together a bunch of folks to participate in a Laughing Flashmob in Whole Foods.  The intention:  make the whole floor explode with laughter.  Did it work?  Watch the video!   We warmed up in advance on the roof, expanding our lungs, and learning how to laugh for no apparent reason at all.  The laugh mob carried on for 10 whole minutes!


Do you suffer from Insomnia? Here’s a cure…

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Insomnia is often creative energy not being acted upon.  In this video, Jefe explains some of the ways in which you can cure your insomnia while also utilizing those extra waking hours.   Consider your insomnia as a gift, granting you the time to bring ideas to the next level.  Once you apply that alert energy, you may find that you’ll sleep more soundly.

Here’s some quick tips: 

  • Work on your to do list at night, not in the morning.
  • Turn off your computer or television screen at least an hour before bed time.
  • Utilize that time to flesh out creative ideas.


M.I.A.'s Drummer

M.I.A.’s Drummer is freaking brilliant! | Class of Creativity Podcast #5 with Kiran Gandhi

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By a beautiful synchronicity, I ran into M.I.A.’s drummer, Kiran Gandhi, at SXSW 2015.  She turned out to be a super fascinating soul, and agreed to meet up and have a creative conversation for the podcast with me. Listen to this one very carefully, as she represents a unique blend of wicked smart (she’s attending Harvard Business School MBA Program!) and wildly creative (watch a video of her drumming and get hypnotized).   Read More

Does a relationship change after marriage? To our surprise, YES!

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When people asked Jefe and I if we thought our relationship would change after we got married, we immediately said no. We have an unconventional lifestyle in the way that we spend more time together than most. We had been living together for five years, we owned a house and a company together, and had spent two of those years living, working, and traveling full time in an 37ft RV. So what could possibly change except our legal status?

For the record: a lot changes.

It’s crazy to say, but things actually do change. Below I list six of the changes that we personally experienced. Please know that by no means am I saying this happens to everyone.  Read More

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