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Class of Creativity Podcast #1: Joshua Jake Vaughan

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“We are isolated in the mental universe of our minds and bodies.  I’ve discovered that the way we get through that isolation is by loving each other.  Quite frankly, just by giving.  This is the message!  Everything I’m about is a movement of love and kindness.” –Joshua Jake Vaughan

We are so thrilled to launch our weekly podcast: the Class of Creativity!  Each week we talk with inspiring creatives as they share their stories of discovery & transformation.  Listen to this creative conversation with Joshua Jake Vaughan, a guy with a huge heart for service and a compelling personal message.

Joshua is the Executive Director of Generous Generation, a social giving club of young people coming together to change the face of philanthropy in Austin, TX.  After traveling Southeast Asia, he co-founded Goodwill Globetrotting, a global network of charitable organizations that work in the voluntourism sector, primarily connecting backpackers with opportunities to serve internationally.  This led him to create solutions in his own community, addressing the need many small groups have of gaining access to resources.  He jumped into uncharted territory, learning how to lead the development of a social enterprise mobile web app, Connect 2 Good.  It’s really impressive to learn how persistent he was to complete and release it after a few failed attempts to get it right. Read More

20 Ways to Say I LOVE YOU

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What are the creative ways you share your love?  We asked couples to show us how they express and experience intimacy in their relationship.

The process of filming with these love birds leading up to Valentine’s Day was heart-warming.  Although we list 20 ways to say I love you, Kelly and I realized there’s a few missing from the list that we practice each week together in our own relationship:


For the past several years, we have been hiding a golden coin around the house.  She may find it under her tea mug, or I might flip to a page in the book I’m reading, and there’s the golden coin!  This small surprise has come to mean “I treasure you”, and every time I find it equates to a burst of positive feelings.  And then it’s my turn to hide it for her.  I can’t tell you how many times this token of affection has transformed my day.  It’s another way to say I love you, and has been a special source of wonder in our relationship.  If you like it, by all means try it with your partner!


We all have our rituals as we get ready for bed.  We’ve tried essential oil diffusion to relax us, and a number of other ways to cap off the night.  None has stuck like our “toothbrush trick”.  Imagine entering the bathroom and seeing your toothbrush already freshly pasted with toothpaste–you don’t have to squeeze the last little bit from the tube, clearly someone has paid you an altruistic act.  It’s so small and you might think it’s silly, but it makes all the difference in improving my mood when I am trying to prepare myself for sleep.  What are other ways you can lighten the load of your lover?  You’d be surprised how simple little things make a big difference!


Sing a funny song in the kitchen, invent your own language, and invite your partner to PLAY.  Couples do strange things when no one is watching, and apparently there’s major health benefits when we teach each other to be more whacky and playful.  Kelly and I have noticed how life gets stale when we take things too seriously.  Also, set a spark by doing new and exciting things together.  Go skydiving, learn improv comedy, go out of your comfort zone as a couple!  It’s the best way to rekindle the passionate love that releases dopamine.  Companionate love is warm and comforting, but a dose of passion is also what we all need.

Photo by Ed Lehman


Kelly and I used to co-sponsor a love parade every Valentine’s Day.  We’d walk through downtown on our stilts together with a whole tribe of friends.  Perhaps it was that exciting peak experience we were after!

Let’s strive for less chocolate and more connection this Valentine’s Day, and please share a story with us about your unique ways of sharing love!

What happens if you turn Grandma’s car into an art car?

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The Joy Ride is the manifestation of a long time dream come true.

I wanted to make an art car for as long as I can remember.  In high school, I was the third cousin in line for my grandfather’s hand-me-down Oldsmobile.  When finally I was granted the oldie, I begged my parents to let me paint it.  They denied my requests claiming it would ruin the resale value.  Alas, I left for college and they sold my grandfather’s car for all of $500.  I vowed to one day create an art car…

We bought my grandmother’s car the same weekend our RV broke down during a cross-country work tour.  It was quite miraculous because we had to travel from Chicago to Los Angeles in 3 days time and just swooped through Austin to swap vehicles.  Read More

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